Borehole Geophysics: Tools to Characterize Rock Properties
Effective design and construction in rock requires characterization of the engineering properties of the rock mass, as well as any associated geological features such as joints, faults, and bedding planes....

Pipe Characteristics
Microtunneling pipe should meet the following general requirements: Circular shape with a flush outside surface (including at the joints); Strength sufficient to withstand both the installation...

Pipe Design
The pipes and joints, once installed, must be capable of safely withstanding, for the project design life, all in-use service loads, including those associated with the following factors:...

Findings From a Joint Industry Study on Foundation Fixity of Jackup Units
During the design storm conditions the soil supporting jack-up unit footings may be close to, or at plastic failure. Accordingly, the use of elastic solutions to the problems of foundation...

The Joint Industry Development of a Recommended Practice for the Site Specific Assessment of Mobile Jackup Units
The mobile self-elevating (drilling) unit, or jack-up, has been central to the exploration and development of offshore oil and gas reserves. In recent years there has been an increased...

Design and Installation of Auger Steel Catenary Risers
The Auger export pipelines are connected to the TLP by steel catenary risers (SCRs). This is believed to be the first time steel pipe has been used for catenary risers. SCRs offer advantages...

Finite Element Analysis of Complex, Welded Tubular Joints

Fatigue Reliability in Welded Joints of Offshore Structures

Ultimate Capacity Equations for Tubular Joints

Stress Concentration in Tubular Joints

Materials Problems in Offshore Platforms

From Competitors to Partners
Embracing a competitor as a business partner may be somewhat uncomfortable for small engineering firms—at least initially. There is natural concern about what a fellow team member—who...

The Effect of the Slab on Beam-Column Joint Behavior
The three-dimensional effect of slab interaction on frame behavior has been observed in lateral load tests on beam-column-slab elements....

Shear Performance of Prestressed RC Interior Beam-Column Joints

Cable Access
By moving the expansion joints off the main, cable-stayed span and creating innovative cable connections and tower configurations, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas Inc. (PB)...

Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of RC Interior Beam-Column Joints with Ultra High-Strength Materials

Analysis of Joint Shear Failure of High-Strength Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-to-Column Joint

Seismic Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beam-Column Joints

Japan–U.S.–China International Joint Study on the Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards, Part 1: Overall Program and Its Implementation Among the Three Countries

Longitudinal Lap Splices for Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes





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