South Jetty Scour Hole Stabilization, Ocean City, Maryland
Formation of a scour hole along the inlet side of the South Jetty at Ocean City occurred after jetty construction as a result of ebb tidal flow in the inlet. Analysis of historical bathymetry...

Experimental Research on Groyne Stability Under Very Oblique Wave Action
Most of the experimental research concerning the stability of coastal structures is focused on normal wave incidence. However, many of these structures are subject to waves which run predominantly...

Community Description and Monitoring of Cumberland Island Jetty at Kings Bay—St. Marys River Entrance, Georgia

Beach Erosion in the Town of Jupiter Island: Causes and Remedial Measures
St. Lucie Inlet, located on the lower east coast of Florida, was cut across a barrier island in 1892 and jetties were constructed on the north and south sides of the inlet in 1926 and...

Effects of Sea Level Rise on the California Coast
Although California is thought to be an emerging coastline which would be little affected by a change in sea level, a 5 foot rise over the next 100 years could have a significant impact...

Rehabilitation of the South Jetty-Ocean City, Maryland
The south jetty at Ocean City, Maryland was rebuilt in 1985 to reduce the frequent shoaling in Ocean City Inlet. The project consists of a new jetty offset 30 feet south of the existing...

Eilat—A Paradise of Coast and Sealife
This paper describes the development of the existing lagoon in Eilat, Israel, into a modern marina and the dredging of two new lagoons. The existing lagoon was dredged and developed some...

Murrells Inlet: Where to From Here

A Review of the South Carolina Method for Establishing Coastal Setback Lines
The location of the setback line will depend to a large extent on the nature of the shoreline. Those areas adjacent to an unstabilized tidal inlet and affected by coastal processes at...

Coastal Erosion on the Barrier Islands of Pinellas County, West-central Florida

An Evaluation of Two Concepts for Reducing Sedimentation at Mayport Turning Basin, Florida

Coastal Response to Weir Jetty Construction at Little River Inlet, North and South Carolina

Sedimentary, Hydrological and Biological Changes Resulting from Extension of the Umpqua River Training Jetty, Oregon

A Study of Beachfill Longevity: Long Beach Island, NJ

Littoral Cells of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Shoreline and Sediment Budget Analysis of North Assateague Island, Maryland

Sediment Transport and Ebb-Tidal Delta Development at Charleston Harbor Entrance, South Carolina

Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey—A Stabilized Inlet

Parameters Controlling the Success of Dune Revegetation at King Salmon, California
An eroded 9. 3 ha (23 acre) sand spit was restored through jetty construction and fill (using dredge spoils) by the Corps of Engineers at King Salmon on Humboldt Bay, California. An experimental...

Restoration of a Construction-Scarred Dune
The rehabilitation and extension of the north and south jetties at the entrance to Siuslaw River required the contractor to stockpile jetty stone in nearby surge piles in order to maintain...





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