Use of Surface Treatments on Airport Pavements
Asphalt is generally used as the surfacing for flexible airport pavements with airline passenger jet aircraft. In Australia and its neighbouring territories, surface treatments (seals)...

Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Relief Wells
The U.S. Army Engineer District, Vicksburg has developed an expedient method of rehabilitating arrays of large numbers of gravity flowing relief wells located along the toe of dams using...

Connection of Grouted Tubular Insert Piles to Soil
Force transfer between offshore production jackets and tubular piles is effected by weld bead shear connectors, acting within the grout filled annulus between the piles and pile sleeves...

The Influence of Protective Material on Local Scour Dimensions
Protective materials installed around the base of a bridge pier can reduce or prevent local scour. The performance of four materials: grout mats, grout bags, footings, and riprap, are...

Glass-Fiber Reinforcing Rod: Characterization and Application to Concrete Structures and Grouted Anchors
This paper presents the physical and mechanical characteristics of a new glass-fiber reinforcing rod which was developed to be used as a rebar for concrete structures or a tendon for grouted...

Building Protection from Tunneling in Downtown Los Angeles

Grouting Techniques for Excavation Support

Grouting Improvement of Foundation Soils

The Role of Soil Modification in Environmental Engineering Applications

Jet Grouting for a Self-standing Wall

Stabilization of Pier Foundation Using Jet Grouting Techniques

Jet Grouting: State-of-the-Practice

Jet Grouting in Airport Construction

Methods to Estimate Composition of Jet Grout Bodies

Jet Grouting in Contaminated Soils

A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grout: Rheology vs. Effectiveness

Settlement, Structural Failure, and In-place Repair of Above Ground Storage Tanks

Recent Advances in Compaction Grouting Technology

Limited Compaction Grouting for Retaining Wall Repairs





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