Jet Grout Stabilization of Peaty Soils Under a Railway Embankment in Italy
The construction of two railway embankments on a peaty soil deposit up to 7m thick required a foundation improvement program meeting very strict specifications in terms of environmental...

Coastal Dynamics Along the Shores of Campania and Lucania (Southern Italy)

A Model for Cuspate Delta Erosion

Coastal Processes Related to Alternative Outlets of Torrent St. Agata on the Ionian Coast South of Reggio Calabria—Italy

Coastal Planning and Conservation Policies in Italy

Eutrophication in the Adriatic Sea

Coastal Pollution in Italy

Degradation of Coastal Dune Systems Through Anthropogenic Action

Marinas and Minor Harbors in the Northern Adriatic

Coastal Zoning and Vulnerability: Application to the Middle Adriatic (Italy)

The Use of the Sea for Leisure Activities: the Case of the Ligurian Sea

Uses of the Sea for Leisure Activities in Italy

The Italian Seas: Legal Frameworks and Management Patterns

Historical Evolution of the Coastal Settlement in Italy: Ancient Times

Historical Evolution of the Coastal Settlement in Italy: Modern Times

Knowledge-Based Real-Time Management of Risk Processes
A project proposed to the Commission of European Communities within the framework of the European Strategic Program in Research and Information Technology (ESPRIT) aims at the development...

The Alabama Rainfall-Runoff Model, ARRM
ARRM consists of a conceptual state-space model which is cast in a stochastic framework. It uses the W.H. Green and C.A. Ampt method for infiltration, exponential decay for interflow and...

Optimal Interpolation of Bathymetry in the Thyrrehnian Sea
The bathymetry of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the area facing the electro-nuclear plant being built at Montalto di Castro, Italy, is reconstructed with the aid of the constrained kriging making...

Southwest Pass Training Structure Alternatives
The U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station system of computer programs, TABS-2, was utilized to evaluate various structural plans for increasing channel velocities and sediment...

Coastlines of Italy
These papers were presented at Coastal Zone '89 the Sixth Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management held in Charleston, South Carolina, July 11-14, 1989. This volume is a...





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