Seismic Microzonation and Development of an Earthquake Damage Scenario for Istanbul, Turkey

The New Galata Bridge at Istanbul

Preliminary Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Highway Bridges in Istanbul, Turkey

Stochastic Modelling of Strong Ground Motions for the Istanbul, Turkey Area from Seismic Data for the Surrounding Region
The ultimate goal of this research is to obtain simulations of earthquake ground motions for the Istanbul, Turkey region. A process of earthquake analysis developed by Ellis and Cakmak...

A Travel Demand Modeling System for Istanbul
This paper describes the development and application of a microcomputer-based travel demand modeling system as part of an 18-month planning and feasibility study for the Istanbul Metro...

Environmental Design for Istanbul Sewage Disposal
The stable two-layer current system of the Turkish Straits makes it possible for Istanbul and nearby communities to safely discharge, after flotation, sewage into the lower layer. There...





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