Soil-Structure Interaction in Cross-Anisotropic Site Conditions

Scalar Properties of Transversely Isotropic Tuff from Images of Orthoganol Cross Sections

Implicit Integrations in Geoplasticity

Density-dependent Circulation in Desert-basin Aquifers with Isotropic Self-Similar Permeability Distributions
Closed-basin aquifers, typical of mountain chains in the western United States, present a central ephemeral lake (called `playa') where evaporation increases the local brine density creating...

An Elasticity Solution for a Transversely Isotropic Material Containing a Spherical Shell Under Arbitrary Axisymmetric Loading
A three-dimensional elasticity solution is obtained for a transversely isotropic solid containing an isotropic spherical membrane shell. Perfect bonding is assumed between the shell and...

Method of Analysis for Advanced Composite Structures

40Ar/³9Ar Laser Fusion and K-Ar Ages From Lathrop Wells, Nevada, and Cima, California: The Age of the Latest Volcanic Activity in the Yucca Mountain Area
K-Ar and 40Ar/39Ar ages from the Lathrop Wells volcanic center, Nevada, and from the Cima volcanic field,...

On Isotropic and Anisotropic Damage Variables in Continuum Damage Mechanics
The present work analyzes the implication and limitation of some 'scalar damage' models. In particular, the elastic-damage thermodynamic potential and the 'effective...

Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Test: Traditional and Modified
For brittle, transversely isotropic, composite materials we have developed an alternative Mode II interlaminar fracture toughness test (GIIc) that...

Undrained Strength of NC Clay Under 3-D Conditions

Isotropic Fractionation During Air-Water Transfer of Oxygen and Nitrogen
We present empirical results that show the kinetic fractionation during gas exchange is 0.9972 ± .0002 for oxygen and 0.9987 ± .0001 for nitrogen. These values are larger than the solubility...

Stress Computations for Nearly Incompressible Materials
Computation of stresses by the finite element method (FEM) in the case of nearly incompressible isotropic elastic materials is discussed. It is shown that for moderately high Poisson's...


Hydrodynamic Dispersion: Estimation and Prediction
The dispersion of dissolved, nonreactive tracers in groundwater is governed by diffusion and advection. A.E. Scheidegger introduced the term dispersivity to describe the effect that a...

Advances in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
The idea of using strong discontinuous fibers as reinforcement for concrete seems to have been both a seduction and a challenge to many civil engineers. Adding the reinforcement to the...

Infinite Element for Vibration of Half Space

Torsional Stiffness of Non-uniform and Hollow Rigid Piers Embedded in Isotropic Elastic Media

Yielding and Plastic Flow Characteristics of a Fine Grained Granular Material

A Viscoplastic Constitutive Model for Anisotropic Metals at High Temperatures

Finite Element Solution of Pressurized Thick Tubes





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