Crop Coefficient Based Evapotranspiration Estimates Compared with Mechanistic Model Results

Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

Performance Curves for Border Irrigation

An Optimization Model for Furrow Irrigation Systems Design and Management

LEPA and Spray Irrigation in the Southern High Plains

Irrigation, Geology and Wetlands in Semi-arid Regions

Determination of Leakage to Groundwater from Irrigation Canals

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water II
The Second International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water was held in Orlando, Florida from July 17-22, 1995 and sponsored by the ASCE Special Standards Division, the ASCE...

Developing Irrigation Guidelines for Managing Limited Water Supplies

On the Effect of Analyzing Subsystems of Reservoirs to Determine Multireservoir Operating Policies

Water Resources Engineering
These proceedings, Water Resources Engineering, contains papers that were presented at the First International Conference on Water Resources...

Management of Water Resources in North America III
Anticipating the 21st Century
This proceedings, Management of Water Resources in North America III, contains fourteen of the papers presented and discussed at the Third...

Reservoir and Canal System Regulation for Operation of the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

4 Metre Diameter Penstock Construction for the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Agricultural Water Supply and Conservation Issues in Northeast States

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Ethics of Transboundary Planning: U. S. and Canada

Irrigation Pumping Plant Energy Use and Potential Savings

Jacksonville Wastewater Land Treatment Application Selection and Irrigation System Design

Options for Saline Water Disposal - Irrigation Case Studies





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