Urban Modeling of Organic Aerosol Source Emissions

Kinetics of the Oxidation of Sulfonic Acids by Hydroxyl Radicals in Aqueous Solution

Silicate Effects on Iron Treatability in Sequestration

Inhalation Exposure from Contaminated Water Uses: A Behavioral Model for People and Pollutants

Modeling Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from Showers: An Uncertainty Analysis

The Partitioning and Removal of Organic Halide Across an Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) Treating Kraft Mill Wastewater

Solubilization of PAH Compounds in Surfactant Solutions

Subsurface Biodegradation of Ethylene Glycol

Impact of Alternate Pre-Oxidation and Post-Disinfection Processes on Taste and Odor Characteristics

Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organic Compounds by CdS—Improvement of the Photostability of CdS

Effect of Humidity on Low Temperature Thermal Desorption of Volatile Organic Compounds from Contaminated Soil

Removal of Synthetic Organics and THM Precursors by Polymer-Assisted Oxidation

Toxicity of Bottom Sediments in Detention Ponds

A Monte Carlo Approach to Exposure Assessment

Design of Ductile Iron Pipe on Supports
Design procedures for ductile iron pipe in normal underground service have been well established. The standard design considers hoop stresses in the pipe wall due to internal hydrostatic...

Modeling Volatile Organic Transport with Vapor Sorption
A flexible finite element simulation model is developed to predict the movement of volatile organic compounds in variably saturated subsurface regions. The model incorporates both the...

Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Pipe, San Diego, California
This paper addresses the use of a loose unbonded plastic covering polyethylene encasement for protection of cast and ductile iron pipe in an extremely corrosive soil. The case study in...

Separation of Lunar Ilmenite: Basalt vs. Regolith

Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Rock, Mineral, and Glassy Components

Human Operations, Resources and Bases on Mars





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