The Mt. Hope Waterpower Project
The Mt. Hope Waterpower Project is a 2000 megawatt, underground pumped-storage hydroelectric power project located on the site of an inactive iron mine in the township of Rockaway, New...

Response of Ductile Iron Pipelines at Parkfield, CA to Loma Prieta Earthquake
A field experiment designed to investigate the performance of buried pipelines at a fault crossing has been constructed at Owens' Pasture near Parkfield, CA. The site was...

Bridge Crossings with Ductile Iron Pipe

Organic Compound Modelling in Tidal Waters
For a case study, different types of models of the entire harbor of Hamburg were developed. Some of these models are useful for describing oil transport in the case of an accident (e.g.,...

Getting Lunar Ileminte: From Soils or Rocks?

Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Magnet Requirements

Lunar Oxygen and Metal for Use in Near-Earth Space: Magma Electrolysis

Automation and Control Potential for the Carbotek Lunar Oxygen Production Process

Lunar Oxygen Production Via Magma Electrolysis

Development of the Carbotek Process® For Lunar Oxygen Production

Process Design Options for Lunar Oxygen Production

Vaporizing VOCs
The authors summarize the findings of a study for the Environmental Protection Agency on vapor extraction of volatile organic compounds from soils. The potential for ground water contamination...

Fungal Biodegradation of Lignin-Like Pollutants

VOC Removal in Absorption Odor Control Systems

Nonionic Surfactant Solubilization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aqueous and Soil/Water Systems

Dissolution of Organic Liquids in Groundwater

Sorption Rate Studies with Halogenated Organic Chemicals and Sandy Aquifer Material — Implications for Solute Transport and Groundwater Remediation

Organic Removal: Pilot Studies of Conventional Oxygen Activated Sludge and Anaerobic Selector Processes

Biofilm Reactors for Treatment of Gas Streams Containing Chlorinated Solvents

Effects of Electron Acceptor and Electron Donor on Biodegradation of CC14 by Biofilms





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