Comparison of Dispersion Models for Wastewater Treatment Emissions

Dynamic Modeling of VOC Emissions in HPO Process

Remediation of VOCs in Water Using UV/Oxidation

Field Analysis of Contaminated Sediments by Immunoassay

Removal of VOCs and TEL in Iron-Rich Groundwaters

A Preliminary Evaluation of Transport Mechanisms for Multiple Substrates in a Laboratory Column System

VOC-Contaminated Water Cleanup Incentive Program

Integrated Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

From Design to Remediation: The Vroom Site

In Situ Investigation and Rehabilitation of Unlined Cast Iron Water Mains

A Preliminary Evaluation of the Adsorption of Lindane, Silvex and 2,4-D in Single and Multicomponent Systems onto Whole Soil and Soil Organic Fractions

Removal of Trihalomethane Precursors by Ferric Chloride Coagulation

Multi-Stage Diffused Bubble Aeration System for the Removal of Volatile Organics and Radon, a Case History

Transportation Planning and Air Quality
This proceedings, Transportation Planning and Air Quality, consists of papers presented at the National Conference sponsored by the Urban Transportation...

VOCs: The New Effluent
The Clean Air Act of 1990, in addition to many state and local regulations, has officials of publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs) shifting their focus, and funds, to air toxic emissions...

Colorimetric Determination of Fe²+/Fe³+ Ratio in Radioactive Glasses

Evaluations of Glass Vitrification Techniques on Iron Ratio Determinations

Evaluation of Processing Options for Lunar Oxygen Production
Recent work on space resource utilization has lead to the identification of certain modifications of previously proposed processes which can be properly characterized as 'second generation'...

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