Infrastructure Solutions: Transit Transformation
Beset by long-term problems related to underinvestment and inadequate maintenance, the U.S. transit sector confronts challenges pertaining to funding, demographic changes, and an increasing array of new...

Water for Life: Have Improvements in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Affected the Lives of Mexico and Texas Border Residents?
Prior to 1990 the poor communities along the Mexico/US border did have not have comparable waterand wastewater infrastructure investments that exist in other US cities. The explosion of...

The Integrated Asset Management Paradigm for Highway Transportation Infrastructure
During the past few decades, the legislature, federal transportation officials, the transportation engineering community and the public in general became aware of the necessity to leverage...

Seeking Criteria for the Natural Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision

London Socioeconomic, Land Use and Travel Patterns: Position Statement, Issues and Solutions
The major cities of the European Union are facing a congestion crisis as a result of inadequate investment in both road mass transit infrastructure over the last forty years. In particular,...

Assessing the Benefits of Clean, Healthy Beaches
Today, there is a need for a national economic benefits study that will enable policy makers to understand what return they can expect from an investment of taxpayer dollars in a coastal...

Mentoring - Managing Your People Investment

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

The Development of Transport and the Regional Investment in China

The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

Automated People Movers: A Technology Resource in Major Investment Studies

Research on the Plan Planned in Highway Network Planning, China

Toward a Risk-Based Assessment of Shallow-Draft Navigation Investments

Light Rail or Automatic Guided Transit

Opportunities for Investments in Polish Construction Industry

Cost-Justifying Project Improvements in the Industrial Sector

Recapitalization Investment Analysis

Hydro Economic factors in Light of Industry Restructuring

Hydropower: An Industry Driven to Success Through Recognition of Past Failures

Economic Issues Regarding Water Quality Objectives in the Grassland Basin
A conceptual framework is presented for evaluating the potential costs and benefits of water quality objectives in the Grassland Basin. The investments and expenditures required to achieve...





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