Inspecting Town Bridges in Connecticut
A federally financed inventory and inspection program for town bridges was carried out in Connecticut. This article describes how the authors' firm inspected 343 bridges of...

Engineers Notebook: Checking Capacities of Eccentrically Loaded Columns on an Existing Bridge
This article focuses on the structural analysis of eccentrically loaded columns. A simple and novel graphical technique for determining the load-carrying capacity of the columns is presented....

Clarification Failure Control Strategies
Two solids inventory control strategies for prevention of clarification failure in the activated sludge process are considered. Recycle rate control is shown to be effective for a certain...

Inventories, Surveys and Historic Preservation
The civil engineering profession is becoming increasingly involved in technical challenges associated with historic preservation. Inventories, surveys, and recording projects are uncovering...

Inventory and Evaluation Techniques Used for Historic Bridges in Virginia

Surface Water Inventory through Satellite Sensing
Data collected by the earth resources satellite have been used to develop a regression model, through which surface water storage volume for ungaged water bodies or an area can be estimated...

Improving Highway Investment Programming Methods
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has undertaken a major effort to improve their highway project evaluation and investment programming capabilities. An inventory and analysis...

Locating Reservoirs with Landsat: A Texas Example

Urban Geoprocessing: A Staged Development Concept

Computer Applications Bridge Inventory and Inspection Program

Application of Landsat to the Inventory of Dams

Atlantic Coast Ecological Inventory, 1980

National Wetlands Inventory Project

Selection of Air-Quality Models
The basic question still exists as to what type of model to use and the validity of the predictions. Some of the data that affect the credibility of model predictions are dependent upon...

Agricultural Resource Inventory and Technology Transfer Modeling

Urban Water Balances Considering Conservation

Hospital Inventory Load Survey
An extensive live load survey is conducted on a medium size hospital to provide data and illustrate the technique of inventory surveying. A preliminary survey defines room uses and major...

$70 Million for Dam Inspection
In 1972, Congress passed the National Dam Inspection Act, requiring the U.S. Corps of Engineers to inspect and inventory all dams in the United States; but few dams were inspected. Then...

Techniques Development and Presently Being Used to Conduct the National Wetland Inventory Project

Natural Areas Inventory and Evaluation





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