Conditional Priority at Controlled Intersections to Improve Public Transport Punctuality
The market share of public transport depends highly on the travel time ratio to private transport. The public transport travel time includes among other elements waiting times at stops...

Inner-Bank Erosion at Jetty-Shoreline Intersection

Micro-Genetic Algorithms in Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

Safety Potential of Smart Traffic Control System

Automated Red Light Enforcement Programs

Predicting Air Quality Impacts of Proposed Traffic Improvements

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

Traffic Assignment with the Turning Movements at Signal Intersection

Neural Network Models for Predicting Stop and Stopped Delay for Individual Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

Effects of Urban Bunched Traffic Flow on Pedestrian Delay

Delay-Based Passenger Car Equivalents for Heavy Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

A New Approach to Intersection Modeling—Flint

Particulate Matter Roadway Hotspots

A Neural Network-Based Traffic Control System for Isolated Intersections

Planning for Pedestrian Signalization Based on Land Use

Does Increased Street Connectivity Improve the Operation of Regional Streets? Case Studies from the Portland Metro Regional Street Design Study

Signalized Intersection Capacity Analysis Software

Study of Lost Time at Signalized Intersections

Delay at Congested Unsignalized Intersections

Engineering Improvements to Aid Older Drivers and Pedestrians





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