Navigating Through Dynamic 2-D Vector Graphics in the World Wide Web

A Benchmark Study of World Wide Web Communications

The Internet: Project Management in the Next Millennium—Today

Providing Water Management Information Over the Internet

Internet Applications for Water Resources Information

Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Instrumented Structures: Java Applets Etc.

Internet Access of Earthquake Reconnaissance Information

An Internet Structural Monitoring System

Technology Transfer in Architecture and Civil Engineering Using the Internet - A Multi-National Teaching Effort

Design Education via Web-Based Virtual Environments

Who's Surfing? We're Working!
Now that the novelty has worn off, how are engineers using the Internet in their everyday work? Productively is the answer, as both firms and software developers make use of the Internet...

Reliability and Efficiency Benefits of Online Trash Rack Monitoring

Utilizing the Internet for Reservoir Management During Rain-on-Snow Events

Model-Centered World Wide Web Coach

Global Project Documentation and Communications Using HTML on the World Wide Web

User Models in Search and Navigation Systems on the Internet

WWW and Multimedia in Undergraduate Civil Engineering

Harnessing the Internet for Civil Engineering Course Delivery

Facilitating Workgroup Activities through the Internet

Sticking with the Web
After a slow start, engineers are rapidly claiming their territory on the World Wide Web. Here's a look at what they're doing and what they hope to gain—along...





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