Stochastic Integral/Calculus for Non-Gaussian Delta-Correlated Processes

Integrated Facility Information Systems: Total Information Access
This paper will attempt to fill the void in computer information handling with regards to facility management information by providing those in the water industry with tips and suggestions...

A Hydrodynamic FVM Algorithm on Arbitrary Grids
This paper presents a finite volume algorithm for the vertically averaged integral form of the hydrodynamic governing equations on an unstructured grid system. The algorithm is applicable...

Integration of a Design Concept Learning Scheme Within a Knowledge-Based Design Support System

Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

Integral Resource Management of the Río Colorado (Argentina)

The Integral Project: Overview

Integrated Waste Management System Costs in a MPC System

Evaluation of an Integrated Fish-Protection System

Design Challenges for Contractors' Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Computer Simulation Model for the Development of China's Air Transportation System

An Integrated System for Groundwater Monitoring at Sellafield PNWR, U.K.

Airport Pavement Management As Part of An Integrated Airport Geographical Information System (GIS)

Concept for Integrating Transportation Management Systems in Utah

An Integrated System for Leachate Reintroduction and Gas Venting

Integrated Port and Vessel Traffic Management Systems

Seismic Aspects of an Integrated System Reliability Study of the Marin Municipal Water District

Integrating Logic Programming and CAD Systems for Modeling Structural Systems

Organizational Knowledge Creation in Integrated Construction Planning System

INTEGRAL Project: TERRA Decision Support System





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