Integrated Labor Cost Control Systems

Future of Integrated Information Management in Construction

Advanced Control Systems for Integrated Transportation by LIM Devices

HERMES: An Integrated Environment for the Design of On-Line Decision Support Systems

System Integration in Traffic Management Centres

Design Considerations for Post-Tensioned Integral Pier Caps

Juvenile Fish Separator Design
Separation by size of downstream migrant juvenile salmonids at hydroelectric projects in the Columbia River basin is an integral part of transportation and bypass programs. However, separation...

COASTMAP: An Integrated System for Environmental Monitoring, Modeling and Management
The development of COASTMAP, an integrated system for environmental monitoring, modeling and management for fresh and marine waters, is presented. The system allows the user to collect,...

The Fabric Dyers' Use of Recycled Water
Tuftex Industries manufactures both residential and commercial carpets. As a Division of Queen Carpets, Tuftex is the largest carpet manufacturer on the West Coast and part of the fourth...

A System to Improve Water-Related Sustainability Characteristics of International Development Programs/Projects
In light of escalating environmental demands and reduced international development budgets, there is a growing need to assist loan/donor agencies in improving both the development and...

A Hydrodynamic FVM Algorithm on Arbitrary Grids
This paper presents a finite volume algorithm for the vertically averaged integral form of the hydrodynamic governing equations on an unstructured grid system. The algorithm is applicable...

HEC-RAS (River Analysis System)
HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) is an integrated system of software, designed for interactive use in a multi-tasking environment. The system is comprised of a graphical user interface...

Integrated Facility Information Systems: Total Information Access
This paper will attempt to fill the void in computer information handling with regards to facility management information by providing those in the water industry with tips and suggestions...

Deflection of Beams with Integral Elastic Supports

The Boundary Integral Equation Method for Plates

Crossing the Cape Cod Canal; A Natural Gas Pipeline Interconnection

Integrated GIS Based Watershed Management Modeling System

Integration of a Design Concept Learning Scheme Within a Knowledge-Based Design Support System

High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1996
The proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on High Level Radioactive Waste Management, held on April 29-May 3, 1996, Las Vegas, Nevada, continues a concerted effort to transfer...

Path Integration Applied to Structural Systems with Uncertain Properties





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