Building Failures: Design Problems and Solutions
A Building Failures conference of the Engineering Foundation dissected the problems leading to failures and recommended ways to reduce failures. This article discusses value engineering,...

Floodplain Delineation in Ice Jam Prone Regions

Professional Liability Coverage for the CM

Methodology for Calculating Wave Heights Associated with Storm Surges Utilized by the National Flood Insurance Program

Coastal Barrier Resources Act and The National Flood Insurance Program

Insurance As a Risk Management Tool

Managing Liability
The Individual's Challenge, the Organization's Challenge, the Project Manager's Challenge
These proceedings are the papers presented during the 1982 Spring Convention of the American Society of Civil Engineers to determine how engineers can live with, manage, and limit liability....

Impact of Gasoline Price on Transit Ridership in Fort Worth, Texas
The impact of gasoline price, gasoline supply, automobile ownership costs, and automobile operating costs on transit ridership is examined. Monthly data on transit ridership, gasoline...

Owner's Guidelines for Selecting Safe Contractors
A study of practical means by which owners can reduce construction costs was undertaken as part of a larger investigation of construction cost control. The study involved three parts:...

Guidelines for Producing Better Specifications
Careful preparation, procedures, and methods to produce better specifications will minimize errors and reduce costs of delays and claims for extras. Specifications should be reviewed at...

Visions from a Crystal Ball

Living with Liability: A Summary and Overview

Managing Liability: the Insuror's Perspective

Introduction to Bonds, Liens and Insurance

Liability Insurance, Hazardous Waste, and Engineers

Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Insurance

Implementing Local Floodplain Management Ordinances

Insurance Practices of Utility Contractors
The experiences and practices concerning construction-related insurance were the focus of a nationwide survey conducted with utility contractors. The survey obtained information related...

City of Las Vegas Hazard Reduction Program

Should an Engineer be Allowed to Moonlight After Hours—
The ramifications of moonlighting after hours by the engineer are complex and adversely affect his regular employer, client, himself, the profession, and society-at- large. By soliciting...





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