Legal and Insurance Trends in Engineering
This paper describes the attitudes of society today on the use of litigation to collect financial compensation for alleged damages in product liability and professional liability situations....

Engineers and the Professional Corporation
Proper financial planning is the keystone to professional growth and development. The professional corporation is used successfully by professionals in many fields and deserves serious...

Coordinated Insurance for Major Construction Projects
Major construction projects normally contain major risks for all the parties involved; purchase of insurance often provides a shifting and reduction of risk. In many major construction...

ASCE Guide to Employment Conditions for Civil Engineers
These guidelines serve to improve professional employee satisfaction through mutual understanding with the employer. The manual is divided into four sections: (1) guidelines to professional...

Flood Hydrograph and Peak Flow Frequency Analysis

Practices and Problems in Flood Plain Management

Alternatives for Standards and Regulations

Tort Liability as a Safety Incentive

Synthetic Storm Induced Water Level Statistics

Coastal Flooding in Metropolitan New York: A Case Study

Weather Modification Operations: The Legal Considerations

Current Practice in Managing Coastal Flood Hazards

Regional Coastal Zone Management Coordination: Dealing with Coastal Flooding on New England

Flood Insurance Program: Regional Agency's Perspective
While the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has enhanced flood-plain management on the national level, some aspects of the program have frustrated flood-plain management efforts...

Flood Studies Led to National Flood Insurance
Federal responsibility for flood insurance was decreed by Congress in 1956, after it realized that the private insurance could not alone bear the risk. Flood-plain management, a prerequisite...

Flood Insurance and Flood Plain Zoning

A Quantitative Method for Analyzing the Allocation of Risks in Underground Construction

Allocation of Risks

Minimizing Risks and Mitigating Losses — B

Minimizing Risks/Mitigating Losses





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