Innovation Knows No Price Tag

ASCE Announces Innovation Contest Winners

Innovation At The Heights
Population growth in metropolitan Washington, D.C., has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and this is especially true for Arlington County, in Northern Virginia. This increase in population...

Innovative Lift Bridge to Be Built in Sacramento, California

Puerto Rican School's STEM Project Demonstrates "Commitment to Innovative Learning"

Parking Innovation Lab Switches Gears In Chicago

In the Wake of the Mount Polley Mine Tailings Breach: Tailings Dam Design, Innovation, and Practice Changes
The Mount Polley tailings dam in British Columbia (BC), Canada, failed in 2014, spilling approximately 21 million m3 of water and tailings (estimated as approximately 50/50 water and tailings) into Hazeltine...

The Pipeline to Diversity and Inclusion in the Geoprofessions: Challenging the Profession to Increase Innovation, Profitability, and Future Sustainability
Diversity + Inclusion (D+I) is a term often used in the workplace, but its meaning is not well understood. People generally value the concept, but its nebulousness has kneecapped the movement. In fact,...

Engineers Design Innovative

ASCE’s 2020 Innovation Contest Open Now

Open Access
The Charles Library at Temple University, in Philadelphia, sets high expectations for what a modern library should be. The soaring and dynamic spaces made possible by the building’s innovative steel structure...

Design Fixation — The Bane of Innovative Engineering

Incorporating Technological Innovation into Geotechnical Practice

Innovation and Ideas against the Failure of Imagination

Robotic System Creates Affordable, Innovative Concrete Formwork
A team based in Denmark has created a robotic system capable of economically and quickly carving formwork for unusually shaped concrete structures....

When Bridges, Roadways, and Dams Need Our Help: Innovative Techniques Can Help Save Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure
The nation's infrastructure is showing its age. The signs are obvious with structure distress, lack of functionality, and failure reported frequently over the last several decades. Specialty geotechnical...

A Sustainable Study-Abroad Capstone
At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, civil engineering students participate in a sustainable study-abroad capstone that emphasizes teamwork and innovation....

Innovation Is All Around Us

Now Arriving: Transportation Innovation

Transportation Innovations Are on the Horizon





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