Demonstrating Brine Water Wells and Toilets for Deering, Alaska

Water Quality Regs: Staying Ahead
After a century in which water utilities could stay well ahead of most regulations simply by being responsible, professional organizations, they now seem to be playing catchup in a game...

Columbus Clear Wells
At an average of 8 million gal. each, six new clear wells at the Hap Cremean Water Plant in Columbus, Ohio represent the largest post-tensioned, reinforced concrete noncircular tanks ever...

Neptunium, Plutonium, and Americium Solubility and Speciation Studies in a Neutral Electrolyte with a Total Carbonate Concentration Simulating UE-25P#1 Well Water

EUREAU Survey on Artificial Recharge

Artificial Recharge and Water Supply in the Netherlands, State-of-the-Art and Future Trends

Artificial Recharge in the Meijendel Dunes Forty Years of Experience

Deep Bedrock Well Injection Near Denver, Colorado

Huron Project of the High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program

Equilibrium Modeling of Chemical Interactions at the Huron Recharge Project

Modeling Artificial Recharge to a Glacial Aquifer

Recharge Well Technology at the Water Campus Project, Scottsdale, Arizona

Preliminary Results of Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well Testing; City of Pasadena, California

Deep Well Artificial Recharge Beneath a Rural Residential Planned Development, Fresno County, California

In Situ Filtration of Untreated Water for Injection

Seasonal Storage of Reclaimed Water and Surface Water in Brackish Aquifers Using Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Wells

Aquifer Storage and Recovery at the Centennial Water and Sanitation District Highlands Ranch, Colorado

New Downhole Valve for Aquifer Storage & Recovery

Stormwater Injection Effects on Groundwater Quality in South Australia

Experience in Injecting Storm Water Into Aquifers to Enhance Irrigation Water Supplies in South Australia





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