Littoral Environment Observation Program
This paper presents a method for determining the longitudinal, transverse, and vertical dispersivities of a thick aquifer for a free convection tracer test using only measurements from...

New Plant Treats River and Well Water
A new 16 mgd water softening plant at Elgin, Ill. is designed to treat raw water either from the Fox River or deep wells, or in any combination. Flexibility of the chemical feed systems...

Cavitation in Various Types of Shear Flow
Cavitation in turbulent shear flow depends on the intensity and spectral characteristics of the pressure fluctuations in a Lagrangian frame of reference as well as depending on the concentration...

Decision Making in Establishing Instream Flow Needs in Minnesota
Allocation of water for instream use depends upon how well the need and justification for instream flows can be communicated to decision makers. The analysis and presentation of instream...

Mackenzie River Breakup: Ft. Simpson to Ft. Good Hope, N. W. T.
Breakup progression on the Mackenzie River in 1982 and 1983 is described. Two types of breakup, and two types of ice jam formation associated with these, were identified. The major role...

Saline Water Disposal from a Coal Bed Methane Recovery Well Field
A conceptual engineering approach for low cost management of production water from coal bed methane recovery wells is presented. The approach is applicable for production water that contains...

Boston Tunes Up Water System
In 1977, Boston's water supply system had so many leaks and so many unmetered or undermetered customers that only about half the water entering the system was accounted for....

Design of Manmade Offshore Islands for Ice Forces
Approximately sixty percent of the undiscovered oil and fifty percent of the undiscovered gas probably lies in the sedimentary basins offshore Alaska (USGS 1980). Because of this hydrocarbon...

In Third World Villages, a Simple Handpump Saves Lives
Millions die each year and many more suffer in the developing countries from diseases spread by contaminated water. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of all disease in the world is due...

Agricultural Drainage Well Impacts in Iowa

New Ways to Solve Underground Contamination Problems

Analysis of the Impacts of a Hazardous Waste Disposal Site on a Public Water Supply Well Field

Regulation and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

OCS, Frontier Basins, California

Don't Get Crude on Georges Bank

Assessment of NOx Control Measures for Diesel Engines on Offshore Exploratory Drilling Vessels and Rigs

Drilling Mud Discharges: Minimizing Environmental Mismatches

Offshore Oil Operations and Environmental Values

Contingency Planning Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Development

Oil and Gas Development in Coastal Upland Areas: Understanding the Issues, and Recommendations for Land Use Planning





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