Furthering Local Knowledge of Earthquake Related Disasters, Experiences Learned from the Kobe Earthquake of January 17, 1995

Development of a Multivariate Vulnerability Indicator

Mitigation, Preparedness & Sustainable Development: Linking Research & Resources in the Global Information Infrastructure

Historic American Covered Bridges
Covered wooden bridges are a visual testament to the American spirit. Originally designed with roof-like covers to protect the exposed wood from the effects of sun and rain, these bridges...

Stressing Masonry's Future
Post-tensioning techniques are expanding the possibilities for masonry in building and bridge construction. Two projects in Britain and the U.S. show the rewards of rethinking approaches...

A Race to Innovate
The annual Concrete Canoe Competition, which is co-sponsored by the ASCE and Cleveland-based Master Builders, fosters several engineering breakthroughs that are ignored or forgotten by...

Saving a Sinking City
A construction team repairing a bridge or expanding a hospital usually must work around the daily activities of the affected group of people. But for a construction project in Co-op City,...

The Aesthetics of Infrastructure: Common Territories

Public Participation in Public Works Projects

Rainfall Generation for Highway Construction Sites

Typical Pollutants Leaving a Highway Construction Site in the Houston Area, and the Effectiveness of Selected Temporary Sediment Controls

Visiosed: A Rainfall-Soil Loss Model for Application to Highway Construction Sites

NAFTA's Environmental Institutions and Texas Border Infrastructure

The Regulation of the Private Provision of Water-Related Services in Latin America

Fatigue Evaluations in Steel Bridges Using Field Monitoring Equipment

Design and Construction of Long Span FRP Pedestrian Bridges

Application of High Performance Steel in Steel Bridge Construction

Evolution versus Revolution: the Culture of Steel Bridge Construction

The Need for Rational Seismic Design Criteria for Bridges During Construction

Barricades on the Roads
Many Build-Operate-and-Transfer schemes in developing economies have been less than successful. Here are pitfalls to avoid and recommendations for reaching a project's full...





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