Construction Applications of Polyolefin Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fluidized Bed Ash as a Soil Stabilizer in Highway Construction

Use of Simulation Models at Container and Bulk Liquid Terminal Facilities

Port of Los Angeles Pier 300/400 Implementation Program and Organization

Bridge Aesthetics and Citizen Participation

Structural Applications of Advanced Composite Materials in Bridge Construction and Repair

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Highway Bridges

Fuzzy Logic and Civil Infrastructure Systems Research

Practical Application of Fuzzy Tension Adjustment to Bridge Construction

A Novel FRP-Concrete Composite Construction for the Infrastructure

A Probabilistic-based Optimization Model for Stormwater Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Using Probabilistic Temperature Forecasts to Support Operation of TVA's Power System, The First Year's Experience

Self-Optimization in Water Resource Systems

Experiments on Stressed Beams for Timber Bridges (Engineered Construction of Recyclable Bridges for Sustainable Development)

FHWA Information Technology Infrastructure

Analytical Models of Cost Overruns in Construction

Application of Bayesian Influence Diagrams to Risk Analysis of Highway Construction Costs

Development of Multi-Institutional Testbed for Collaborative Facility Engineering Infrastructure

Building a Large Infrastructure Data Base Atlanta Water's Experience With Automation's Hidden Hazards

On Significance of Route Specific Data for Transportation Risk Analysis





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