Use of Remediated Petroleum Contaminated Soils in Highway Construction

Developing the Infrastructure for Lead Assessment and Abatement

Asphalt-Concrete Water Barriers for Embankment Dams
Because of its simplicity in design and construction, the asphalt concrete core is rapidly becoming the water barrier of choice for embankment dams in many parts of the world. This is...

Civil Engineers Influencing Public Policy
The papers in this proceedings were presented at the ASCE Annual Convention held in Washington, DC, November 10-14, 1996. They were prepared in celebration of the 25th anniversary, the...

Evaluation of the Troxler Model 4430 Water-Cement Gauge
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine...

Cable Corrosion in Bridges and Other Structures:
Causes and Solutions
This book provides the reader with basic facts concerning cable corrosion and means to avoid or rehabilitate corrosion damage. Corrosion problems associated with cable-supported structures...

Robotics for Challenging Environments
This proceedings, Robotics for Challenging Environments, consists of papers presented at the Specialty Conference held in Albuquerque, New...

Dam Construction in Northern Environment: A Numerical Study

Design Decision Making for Infrastructures under the Restriction of the Energy Consumption

Risk in Geotechnical Engineering for Embankment Dams

Integrated Infrastructure Maintenance Management

Virtual Reality Modeling for Bridge Construction

Recent Advancements in Smart Tagged Composites for Infrastructure

Panel on Composites for Infrastructure

Embankment Dams in the Piedmont/Blue Ridge Province

Riprap and Concrete Armor to Prevent Pier Scour
Local scour is not a product of recent times or modern building practices. The annals of the Institute of Civil Engineers, in London, contain references throughout the 1800s and early...

An Engineering Information System Application for Water Supply and Distribution Systems
Engineering information systems are characterized by both static infrastructure and dynamic time dependent data. Telemetered readings can often be relatively substantial over an extended...

Fly Ash and Tire Chips for Highway Embankments

Journal of Bridge Engineering
The Journal of Bridge Engineering publishes papers about all aspects of the art and science of bridge engineering. The journal publishes research that advances the practice and profession of bridge engineering...

Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Problematic Soils in Highway Construction





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