Impacts of NAFTA on Environmental Engineering
This paper addresses recent developments in the environmental sector under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) represents a...

Maryland SHA's Procedure for Assessing Existing Bridges for Scour Vulnerability and for Rating Unknown Foundations
The Maryland State Highway Administration developed a recommended screening procedure for rating existing bridges for Item 113, Scour Critical Bridges, in the National Bridge Inventory...

Development and Implementation of a Capital Improvement Program for a Small Water Utility
The City of Las Cruces water utilities is being exposed to accelerated population growth and is faced with inadequate capital infrastructure to meet increasing demands. The City's...

Use of Geomorphic Data for Assessing Stream Stability at Bridge Structures
The authors recently completed a statewide bridge scour evaluation for the Nevada Department of Transportation, which included evaluation of the geomorphic processes of bank erosion and...

Privatization and Water Supply/Treatment Projects
Privatization is often mentioned as a way to get much needed, but difficult to finance infrastructure projects delivered for both developed and developing countries. However, the suitability...

Challenges of an Advance Utility Contract for a Major Highway Widening Project in Norfolk, Virginia

Implementing the Knowledge Worker System (KWS) in an Engineering Environment

Multimedia Data Management in a Highway Information System

A Decade of Experience in Developing Pavement Management Systems for Local Agencies

On Reliability Assessment of Infrastructure Systems under Strong Earthquake

Use of Geosynthetics in Road and Airfield Construction in Cold Regions

Air Convection Embankments for Roadway Construction in Permafrost Zones

Transportation of Alaska North Slope Natural Gas to Market

Cold-Related Electric Power System Considerations

Design and Construction for Asphalt Pavements in Permafrost Areas: Case Study of Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Evaluation Findings
the Segmental Concrete Channel Bridge System
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report presents the findings of a HITEC evaluation of...

Cold Regions Engineering
The Cold Regions Infrastructure—An International Imperative for the 21st Century
This volume includes papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering—The Cold Regions Infrastructure: An International Imperative for the 21st Century....

Building the Infrastructure of the New Federal City: 1793-1800

On the Use of Fiber Reinforced Composites for Infrastructure Renewal— A Systems Approach

Composite Applications in the Navy Waterfront Infrastructure





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