Assessment Program for Bridge Infrastructure

Estimation of Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression Models from Condition Surveys

NYCT - A Special Infrastructure Evaluation Project

Effective Use of Nondestructive Testing During Seismic Retrofit Construction of Concrete Bridges

Deterioration Mechanisms and Nondestructive Evaluation for Infrastructure Life-Cycle Analysis

Education Begins Responding to the Needs of our Deteriorating and Failing Infrastructure

Intranetted Management of Water Resources

A Modelling System for Estimation of Impacts on Fish Habitat

Hubbart Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation

A Hybrid System of Wave Power Extraction and Shore Protection

Forensic Engineering Within a Large Public Agency: Expert Witness Experience Panel Discussion

Teaching Experiences, a Graduate Course in Condition Assessment and Forensic Engineering

Infrastructure Visionaries
The city of Indianapolis is investigating the long-term structural integrity of its infrastructure, in an unusual effort for U.S. municipalities. Most cities are strapped for cash and...

Unsaturated Soil Engineering Practice
This collection of papers presented at the sessions on Unsaturated Soil Engineering Practice held during the First National Conference of the ASCE Geo-Institute at the Utah State University...

Intelligent Data Assessment for Underground Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Case Study: Developing a Program MIS for Public Projects

An Automated Prediction Tool for Design-Build Projects

Multiple Primes-Contracting Method:—Yes - No and It All Depends

Challenges of Implementation: Public Policy and Legislation

Fundamental Concept of Evaluation of a Project for Infrastructure Development in Japan





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