Floodplain Management
On July 28th, 1997, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, experienced devastating floods on Spring Creek that resulted in property damage and loss of life. As part of the local floodplain...

Travel Time Prediction with Non-Linear Time Series

A Data Model for Managing GPS Travel Time Data

Automated Paratransit Scheduling Using KBGIS

Multimedia Based Geographical Database Development for Highway Management

Redetermining Highway Performance Monitoring System Derived Off-Network VMT Calculations Using GIS: An Application to Air Quality Conformity

Quantification and Analysis of Transportation System Accessibility

On the Allocation of Census Data to Traffic Analysis Zones for Travel Demand Forecasting

EPRI Smart Places: Strategic Landuse Decision Support Model

Transit Ridership Forecasting Using a GIS

Transportation Plan Information Management System

An Intermodal Transportation Planning Decision Suppport & Visualization System

Exploiting Parcel-Level GIS for Land Use Modeling

Incorporating Yellow-Page Databases in GIS-Based Transportation Models

Overview of Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management

GIS-Based Processing of NEXRAD Rainfall Estimates

Using Readily Available Technologies and Laboratory Experiences to Enhance Course Content

Multimedia Network System for Landfill Siting

BMP Considerations for a Roadway Project Located within a Water Quality Reservoir Watershed

Dynamic Ground Water Management System Based on GIS





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