Analysing the Impact of Well Hydraulic Properties on Well Inflows in Fissured Porous Aquifers

Sediment Management at an Alpine Reservoir

Physical Model Study of Jet-Breaker Baffle Concepts in Pump Intake Structures with Pipe Inflows

Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation
Manhole structures are the principal means of access for collection system maintenance. Effective manhole inspection and rehabilitation are necessary to remove excessive manhole infiltration...

Hydraulic Performance of Open Channel Breaching
Flood flow in natural channels with floodplains is often confined in the main channel by the presence of levees. The hydraulic performance of these kinds of channels can be seriously affected...

Channel Junction Effects in Channel Network Flow Simulation
In this paper, the momentum equations, which are applicable at channel junctions, are suggested based on the conservation of momentum flux. In the equation, the lateral inflow angles are...

Calibration of Sediment Transport Model for the Upper End of Elephant Butte Reservoir
Elephant Butte Reservoir is located about 125 miles north of El Paso, Texas on the Rio Grande. The reservoir is approximately 35 miles long with a narrow neck, called the Narrows, about...

Uncertainty Analysis of Reservoir Sedimentation
In estimating reservoir sedimentation, a number of uncertainties arise. These are related to annual streamfiow, sediment load, sediment particle size, trap efficiency, and reservoir operation....

Strategy for Rapid Evaluation of Waste Containment and Isolation at the Yucca Mountain Site

Identification of a General Linear Model for Reservoir Inflows Forecasting
General linear stochastic models represent a valuable alternative to conceptual models in order to describe runoff generating mechanisms in a drainage basin. In regions such as Quebec,...

Sediment Removal from Stormwater Runoff
Sediment traps, also known as baffle boxes, are being used throughout the state of Florida to remove sediment from stomiwater. A baffle box is divided into three compartments by two bathers,...

Near Drift Two-Phase Flow Processes Within Regionally Saturated Fractured Rock

Discussion on Inflow and Outflow Conditions of a Hydro Turbine

Techniques for Validating Historical Hydrometeric Data

Probability Calculation of Design Floods and Inflows - SPEED

Propagation of Upstream Control Measures Along a Canal Pool

Rio Grande Sediment Study Supply and Transport

Impact of the C&D Canal on the Hydrodynamics of Delaware Bay

Impact of the C&D Canal on the Hydrodynamics

Lake and Surficial Aquifer Interaction





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