Estimating Transmission Losses
Infiltration or transmission losses in ephemeral stream channels are an important part of the water balance in arid and semiarid regions. The governing equations for movement of flood...

Microcomputer Control for a Small Hydroelectric Peaking Plant
Peaking plants pose a special problem for control. The new facilities are generally a very small part of a large system. Determination of the parameters necessary to run the plant to best...

Pressurization and Depressurization in Pipe Flows
When a closed conduit drainage system is subjected to variable inflow rates, the change in flow regimes between free surface flow and pressurized flow may take place. A rising hydrograph...

Streamflow Losses in the Santa Cruz River, Arizona
The discharge and volume of flow in a peak decrease as the peak moves through an 89-mile (143 km) reach of the Santa Cruz River. An average of three peaks per year flow the length of the...

Numerical Modeling of Groundwater-Lake Systems
Groundwater inflows can have important effects on the chemistry and biology of a lake ecosystem. For example, studies of lakes in Northern Wisconsin documented localization of ferromanganese...

Financial Management for an Engineering Firm
The CEO usually delegates the responsibility for financial management to the Chief Financial Officer who, in turn, selects from an array of management techniques to control costs, revenues,...

Development of Operating Procedure: Ross Barnett Reservoir

Hydrologic Evaluation of Dam Safety

Risk Evaluation in Reservoir Operations

Existing Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Guidlines for the evaluation and rehabilitation of sanitary sewers are presented. The purpose and scope of sanitary sewer rehabilitation is described. The major emphasis is on filtration...

Investigations on Atchafalaya Bay Sediments

Predicting Mine Water Inflow

Reservoir Destratification: Techniques and Models

Planning Considerations for Detention Basins

Predicted Limnology of a Proposed Reservoir in Southwest Colorado

Influence of Las Vegas Density Current on Nutrient Availability and Phytoplankton Growth in Lake Mead

Design of a Test to Study Salinity Response in a Major Estuarine System to Major Storm Inflow

The Issue of Freshwater Inflow to Estuaries

Inflow Density Currents In TVA Reservoirs





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