Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

Issues in Artificial Recharge

Potential Groundwater Contamination from Stormwater Infiltration

Use of Hydrologic Budgets and Hydrochemistry to Determine Ground-Water and Surface-Water Interactions for Rapid Creek, Western South Dakota

Effect of Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions on Nitrate Concentrations in Discharge from the South Platte River Alluvial Aquifer, Colorado

Evaluation of Induced Infiltration in Glacial Drift Aquifers

The Performance of Two Capillary Barriers During Constant Infiltration

The Total System Solution

Estimation and Possible Utilization of Moisture in Sand Dunes

Potential Use of Artificial Recharge in Jordan Rainfall Runoff and Infiltration Model

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

On Water Infiltration in Rough-Walled Fractures

Optimal Operation of Soil Aquifer Treatment System
Mathematical models based on nonlinear programming are developed for operating soil aquifer treatment(SAT) systems. The objective of these optimization models is to determine the operation...

Sensitivity and Probabilistic Analyses of the Impact of Climatic Conditions on the Infiltration Rate in a Variable Saturated Multilayered Geologic Medium

Fluid Inclusion Studies of Calcite Veins from Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Tuffs: Environment of Formation

The Role of Fracture Coatings on Water Imbibition Into Unsaturated Tuff

Modeling Infiltration Into a Tuff Matrix From a Saturated Vertical Fracture

Observations of Water Movement in a Block of Fractured Welded Tuff

Modeling a Ponded Infiltration Experiment at Yucca Mountain, NV

Liquid Infiltration Through the Boiling-Point Isotherm in a Desiccating Fractured Rock Matrix





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