Field Studies of Rapid Infiltration Treatment of Primary Effluent

Correspondence between the SCS CN and Infiltration Parameters

Slope Failure in Colluvium Overlying Weak Residual Soils in Hong Kong

Predicting Mine Water Inflow

Residential Weatherization-Indoor Air Pollution

Ground-Water Model of a Rapid Infiltration Site

Spatial Effects on Hydrolgic Model Data Requirements

Rapid Infiltration Design at Darlington, S.C.

Watershed Parameters as Influenced by Grazing

A Simple Method to Characterize Watershed Soils

Hydrologic Parameter Distribution on a Mine Spoil

Range Treatment Effects on Infiltration Rates

Land Imprinting for Better Watershed Management

Infiltration and Curve Numbers: Some Pragmatic and Theoretic Relationships

Effect of Sediment on Advance Rates and Intake Rates

Reducing Sewer Infiltration/Inflow
Under the terms of the EPA Water Pollution Control Legislation, cities must eliminate excess infiltration/inflow to be eligible for 75% EPA sewerage construction grants. To determine the...

Land Treatment Systems and the Environment
This paper summarizes the results from several experiments using the rapid infiltration, overland flow and slow infiltration modes of land treatment....

Treatment of Primary Effluent by Rapid Infiltration

Discs Reduce Manhole Infiltration
The Department of Public Works for New Castle County, Del., conducted a study of infiltration at their over 30,000 sanitary sewer manholes. The study indicated that up to 60% of their...

Infiltration Control through Soil Surface Management





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