Balancing Act (Available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
On March 9, 1996, at the Rumpke sanitary landfill near Cincinnati, a precariously overbuilt waste slope collapsed and more than 20 acres of waste slammed into an adjacent excavation site....

Geotechnical Baseline Reports of Underground Construction
Guidelines and Practices
For many years, several forms of interpretive geotechnical reports have been incorporated into the Contract Documents for underground construction projects. Based on recent feedback obtained...

Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical Facilities
Current codes and standards do not address many of the structures found in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, many engineers and companies involved in the industry have independently...

Waste Containment Barriers: Evaluation of the Technology

Bentonite-Water Slurry Rheology and Cutoff Wall Trench Stability

Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

Hydraulic Importance of Defects in Vertical Groundwater Cut-Off Walls

Slurry Wall Construction in Deep Mined Area

Two-Dimensional Ethanol Floods of Toluene in Homogeneous, Unconfined Aquifer Media

Cleanup of PCE-Contaminated Groundwater Using an Integrated Pump-and-Treat and Vapor Extraction System

Fly Ash Remediation of RCRA Hazardous Wastes

Solidification/Stabilization of Hexavalent Chromium Contaminated Soil

Performance Monitoring for Source Stabilization

Electrophoresis: Innovative Technique to Repair Leaking Impoundments

Emerging Global Opportunities in Construction

Computers in Construction: What's Next?

The Future of the Mechanical Construction Industry

The Future of the Electrical Contracting Industry

A Sleeping Giant: Has the Residential Construction Industry Surpassed Commercial Construction in Technology?

The Construction Labor Force in the 21st Century





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