Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries
Focus on Food Processing

Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries
Focus on Metal Fabrication

Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries
Focus on Textiles

Construction Technology Extension Program
A Report on Increasing Quality, Productivity and Innovation in the U.S. Construction Industry

Industry/University R&D Collaboration

Structural Damage due to Hurricane Marilyn in St. Thomas and Culebra

Development of Natural and External Man Induced Design Code Requirements Applicable to Special Facilities

A Race to Innovate
The annual Concrete Canoe Competition, which is co-sponsored by the ASCE and Cleveland-based Master Builders, fosters several engineering breakthroughs that are ignored or forgotten by...

Solid Waste

Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing

Technology Transfer

Environmental Contamination and Site Remediation

White Paper on Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology; IEEE Environment, Health and Safety Committee

U.S. Federal Laboratories as Technology Transfer Partners with Mexico: Reflections on the Findings from Industry Perspectives on Commercial Interactions with Federal Laboratories

Water and Waste at the U.S./Mexico Border: Post-NAFTA Issues

Waste Disposal: Some Items for Discussion

A Sure Ride
Are current quality assurance practices resulting in the degree of highway quality that is desired and expected? The resounding no that often answers this question has brought the concern...

A Comprehensive Water Resources Management Program

Runoff Management in an Agricultural Area

NAFTA's Environmental Institutions and Texas Border Infrastructure





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