Surface Wave Tests in Landfills and Embankments

Nothing Wasted
Anoxic gas flotation (AGF), a patented system for anaerobic digestion of organic slurry waste, can recover as much as 85% of the phosphorus and 23% of the nitrogen in slurry waste, while...

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VIII
This volume, Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VIII, comprises edited papers from the proceedings of the Eighth Engineering Foundation...

Recipe for Successful Microtunneling

Wastewater Force Mains Problems and a Solution

Miami Beach Infiltration/Inflow Reduction Program: A Project That Pays for Itself

Stretching a Landfill
Landfill expansions can pose engineering challenges, and the Tullytown, Pa., landfill gives an example of a horizontal expansion that added 121 acres of future disposal space. The side-by-side...

Wastewater Lagoons for Cold Regions

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota

Treatment by Freeze-Thaw of Membrane Concentrates

Cyanide Degradation in a Pilot Scale SBBR

Natural Dewatering of Alum Sludge in Freezing Beds

Environment for the Selection of Industrial Equipments

A Computer Environment for Modeling and Evaluating Strategic Decisions

Lease or Build: A Case Study on the Use of Risk Simulation

Time-Space Conflict Analysis Based on 4-D Production Models

Supporting Dimensional Control by Information Technology

Integrated Software System for Reinforced Concrete Design of Industrial Structures in High Seismic Zones

Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

Telepresence-Based Support for Concurrent Engineering in Construction





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