Development of a Waste Load Allocation Model for the Charleston Harbor Estuary. Part III: Project Application

Applications of High Performance Concrete to the Prestessed Bridge Girder Industry

High Strength Phosphate Cement Using Industrial Byproduct Ashes

Remediation Lessons Learned
Within the past few years a large number of environmental remediation projects have been completed that are now in postclosure monitoring. What lessons can be learned from these projects?...

Design of a Two-Story Blast Resistant Control Room

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Wood from an Industry Perspective: How Loaded is It?

Temporary Structures: Role of the Design Engineer

Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

Specifications, Standards and Related Code Provisions for Innovative Materials in Infrastructure: An Overview

Recycling Wash Water in Ready-Mixed Concrete Operations

The Tualatin River: A Water Quality Challenge

Major Sewer Tunnel Construction beneath Metro Tunnels in Singapore

Columbia Slough Consolidation Conduit Tunnel

Expected Performance of Thermal Stress Relief Elements for Ground Support at the Yucca Mountain Repository

Fine Sediment Transport from Opportunistic Sand Disposal, Carlsbad, California

Materials and Construction
Exploring the Connection
This proceedings, Materials and Construction: Exploring the Connection, consists of papers presented at the 5th ASCE Materials Engineering...

Membrane Characterization and Membrane Material Optimization

Management of Technology and Regulatory Requirements in Civil Engineering Systems by Risk Analysis: Design Life vs Technological Life





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