A Matrix Approach for Assessing Biosolids Stability

The Many Faces of Combined Sewer System Performance

Stretching the Life of an Old Sewer System

Remediation of HAZWOPER Floodplains, Wetlands & Streambanks

Multimedia Network System for Landfill Siting

National Onsite Wastewater Treatment: A National Small Flows Clearinghouse Summary of Onsite Systems in the United States, 1993

UV or not UV? That is the Question

Biological Treatment of a Seafood Processing Wastewater

Cost Effective Operations Through Informed Risk Taking at the DuPage County Wastewater Facility Knollwood WWTP Phase III

Equity, Cost and Environmental Benefit of Clay Distribution

Considerations for Seismic Assessment of Existing Petrochemical and Terminal Facilities

San Francisco Ocean Monitoring Program: Analysis of Long Term Data

Adaptive Dredged Material Discharge for the Port of Miami

Streamlining Contaminated Sediment Management: The Use of Sediment Treatability Profiles During Site Assessment

Coastal Zone Management & Point Source Monitoring: Direction for the Future

Satellite Remote Sensing as Part of an Ocean Outfall Environmental Monitoring Program

Moving Innovation into Practice

Commercializing Infrastructure Technologies
A Handbook for Innovators
Prepared by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation. This report details, in user-friendly terms, the procedures necessary for successful commercialization...

Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries
Focus on Metal Fabrication

Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries
Focus on Textiles





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