A Quantitative Basis for Optimal Spill Response

An Integrated Strategy for Managing Urban Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles County

Recent Developments in Ocean Outfalls

An Ocean Outfall as an Artificial Reef: Impacts to the Benthic Environment and a Balanced Indigenous Population

State-of-the-Art Design of Ocean Outfall Diffuser Systems

Demersal Fish and Invertebrate Population Variability

City and County of San Francisco Combined Sewer System: Reduction of Overflows and High Bacteria Counts

Redefining the Federal Review Process of High Energy Seismic Exploration for Oil and Gas on Southern California's Outer Continental Shelf: An Example of Federal, State, Local, Industry, and Public Cooperation

Construction Works in Developing Countries: The Problems and Solutions

Port of Seattle—Southwest Harbor Cleanup and Redevelopment Project Implementation of Environmental Controls During Construction

A Surveillance System for Dredged Material Disposal

A User-Friendly GIS for Ocean Disposal Management

Design of Artificial Islands for Dredged Material Disposal

Proposed Naval Station Container Terminal Dredging & Disposal

Contaminated Dredged Material Disposal: Approaches and Experience

Development of Risk-Based Remediation Strategies

Lease or Build: A Case Study on the Use of Risk Simulation

Seismic Stability of Coal-Waste Tailing Dams

Design Evolution for Stacked Clarifiers

Reduction of Bromate by Granular Activated Carbon





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