Remote Detection of Massive Ice in Permafrost along the Alyeska Pipeline and the Pump Station Feeder Gas Pipeline

Winter Roads and Ice Bridges
In order to realize development of the La Grande hydroelectric complex in the James Bay Territory of northern Quebec Province, Canada, the cold weather had to be capitalized on for construction...

Ice Gouge Characteristics in the Alaskan Chukchi Sea

Mechanics of River Ice Jams

Small-Craft Harbor Structures Design for Lake Ice

Icebreaker Experience as a Guide to Sea Ice Forces on Structures

Canadian ACV Legislation and Regulation

Growth Rates of Ice

On Flexural Strength of Freshwater and Saline Ice

Influence of Ice Formation in the Design of Intakes

Evaluation of ICES Reinforced Concrete Design Facilities

Insulated Roadway Subdrains in the Subarctic for the Prevention of Spring Icings

Non-Linear Seismic Analysis of an Ice Condenser System

AISC Code Compliance Provisions of Ices STRUDL-II

Frost Heaves — A Major Dilemma for Ice Arenas
The ice sheets of three arenas in Minneapolis-St. Paul have had frost heaves ranging from seven to eleven inches (0.2 to 0.3 m). Proper design should prevent frost from penetrating the...

Surface Currents in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Seas as Deduced from Satellite Photographs of Ice Floes

Artificial Sea Ice Structures for Alaskan Ports

Mechanical Properties of a Sand-Ice System

Discussion of "Ice Pressure Against Dams: Experimental Investigations by the Bureau of Reclamation"

Ice Pressure Against Dams: Studies of the Effects of Temperature Variations





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