Modeling of Ice Discharge in River Models

Ice and Snow Utilization in Cold Regions Construction
An overview of requirements is presented for the planning, design, and construction of roads, pads, and airfields using water, ice and snow as construction materials. Practical guidelines...

Design for Pipeline Wind Vibration in Arctic Areas

Oil Rigs Designed to Combat Arctic Ice
Exploration and drilling rigs now being designed for use in the Beaufort Sea must withstand ice forces never before encountered. Design approaches include using the geometry of these structures...

Cold Regions Construction
A State of the Practice Report
An overview of cold region construction and state of the practice reviews of various aspects of this engineering specialty are presented. The overview covres the development of cold region...

Analysis of River Ice Cover Roughness

Formation of Hanging Ice Dams

An Ice Control Arrangement for Winter Navigation

Ice Engineering Design of Boat Harbors and Ports

ICES Concept–A Modern System Approach

Lake Overflow — A Hazard to Winter Travel in Northern Regions

Ice Force Measurement in the Yukon River Bridge

Ice Control at Navigation Locks

Ice Problems on the Middle Mississippi River

A New U.S. Station for Antarctica

In House Preprocessors for ICES STRUDL

A User's Experience with New Zealand ICES Software

Physical Hydraulic Model Study of an Ice-Covered River

New Coast Guard Icebreakers for the Fourth Coast

Development of New Features for Ices Project/I





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