Technology of Snow and Ice Removal

Effects of Ice on Water Levels in the Upper Niagara River

Flow Developers for Melting Ice — Experimental Results

Rebuilding Infrastructure for Pleasure Boating

Ice Buildup in Tailing Basins

Sharp Cone Testing of Creep Properties of Frozen Soils and Ice

Unfrozen Water Contents of Six Antarctic Soil Materials

Transmission Line Structure Loading
This paper outlines specific procedures for determining loads on transmission line structure systems that can be used in the reliability based design or assessment of components of these...

A Snowpack Enhancement Program Using Liquid Propane

Mitigation of Ice Effects at Hydroelectric Intake Structures
The design and operation of hydroelectric facilities throughout the northeast United States and Canada must contend with winter conditions for a large part of their yearly operation. During...

International Research on Mechanics of River Bank Erosion—A Summary Overview
A brief overview is presented of research regarding mechanisms of river bank erosion and treatments. In the research river planforms, water stages, currents, waves, ice sediments, bed...

Snow Control on Floating Ice Sheets

DYE-2 and DYE-3 — A 30 Year Engineering History

Influence of Ground Ice Variability on Settlement in Thawing Permafrost

Causative Factors Leading to the Formation of Ice Jams

Jenpeg Operations Expert System (JOE)

Computer Simulation of Ice Control with Thermal Bubbler Plumes: Point Source Configuration

Response of Concrete Island Drilling System to Ice Impact Loading
The lateral stability and load/deformation characteristics of the Concrete Island Drilling System structure under ice impact loading conditions were studied. The 300-foot-square (91.5-meter...

Transport of Coarse Material in Low Energy Beach Environments

The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS)





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