Impact Response of Concrete Beams Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Blast Response of Concrete Beams and Slabs Externally Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

An Overview of Japanese Research on RCS Systems

Analysis of Beam-Column Joints in Hybrid Structures

Behavior of Composite Structures Under Cyclic Loading

Bolted Connection Devices for Damaged Welded Moment Connections

Analytical Methods for Advanced Composite Materials - State of the Art

Split-Tee Seismic Connections for CFT Column-WF Beam MRFs

Cyclic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Joints

Modeling the Behavior of HSC Beam to Column Connections Under Cyclic Loads

An Overview of Japanese Research on Hybrid Wall System

An Engineering Approach for Design of FRP Beams

Composite Supercolumns and Steel Diagonals Retrofit a 47-Story Steel Framed Structure

Bulb-Tees Make More Efficient Long-Span Bridges
The bulb-tee girder has helped erect new bridges with fewer I-beams, and is also shown in studies to be a structurally efficient, cost-effective alternative for long-span bridges....

For engineers accustomed to working with steel, using large wood beams in structural applications can be an unusual experience. Three Midwestern construction projects—a nature center,...

User-Friendly Education Software for Structural Engineering

Studies of Composite Construction at Illinois and Lehigh, 1940–1978

Some Research on Composite Structures in the U.K., 1960–1985

Review of the Development of Composite Structures in Germany 1950–1990

Slim Floors - System Behaviour and Fire Resistance of Hollow Core Slabs on Flexible Beams





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