Simulation of Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members

Surface Wave Tests in Landfills and Embankments

Connections of Large Steerable Antennas

Class of Masing Models for Plastic Hysteresis in Structures

Analysis of the Nonlinear Hysteretic Response of an RC Building

Energy-Based Modeling of High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolators for Dynamic Analysis

Hybrid Control of Seismic Response Using Nonlinear Output Feedback

Hysteresis Effect of Karst Vadose Zone in Spring Kr5, Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
Hysteresis effect is considerable in Spring Kr5, involving a chain of processes of recharge-infiltration-discharge. The lag time of each process to another can be briefly summarized and...

Hysteretic Systems: Chaotic Region and Control

A Boolean Material Property Database

Random Responses of Discretized Structures with Energy Dissipation Devices

Energy Dissipation in Concrete Materials Due to Viscoelastic and Damage Mechanisms

Stochastic Linearization of a Boolean Hysteresis Model

Smooth Modelling of Oblique Contact with Friction of Turbine Blades: Behaviour Analysis Under Random Excitation

Hysteretic Response and Structural Reliability

Stochastic Response of Systems with Linear Hysteretic Damping

Stochastic Response of a Hysteretic System Under Nonstationary Excitations

Parameter Identification of a Hysteretic Structure

Random Vibration of a Hysteretic Oscillator

Establishment of a Linear Model of Seismically Isolated Bridges Using a System Identification Method





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