Computer Modeling and Applications to Unsaturated Soils

An Investigation of Coupled Hydromechanical Effects in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, Sellafield, U.K.

Progress in Hydromechanics
The historical development of hydromechanics in the fifty years since the founding of the Hydraulics Division is reviewed. Rouse's 1938 text, Fluid Mechanics for Hydraulic Engineers, provided...

Finite Element Modeling in Free-Surface Hydromechanics
A finite element semi-discrete approximation is applied to the conservation law form of the two-dimensional, depth-averaged free-surface Navier-Stokes equations governing incompressible...

Modeling of Sedimentation Basin Hydromechanics

Modeling of Estuarial Hydrodynamics and Water Quality
The estuary is perhaps the most complex environmental system with which the analyst must deal. Driven largely by tides and hydrologic fluxes, its hydromechanical behavior is further modified...

Numerical Modeling of Hydromechanics of Bay System

Investigation Of The Effect Of Resonant Structures On Wave Propagation

Table Bay As An Oscillating Basin

Wave Damping Effect Of Beaches

The Influence Of A Vertical Wall On A Beach In Front Of It

Beach Erosion In Japan

Design Of Rock-Fill Breakwaters

Experimental Study Of Wave Overtopping On Shore Structures

The Wellawatte Canal Outlet In Ceylon

A Multi—Purpose Wave Generator

A Continuous Recording Point Gage For The Measurement Of Surface Waves

The Effect Of Waves On A Sand Beach





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