Hydrogeologic Case Study Using Remote Sensing

Secure Land Burial of Hazardous Wastes: A State-of-the-Art Example

Hydrogeology of a Shallow Till Under Irrigation

Management of Maryland's Hydrogeologic Information

Hydrogeologic Factors in Landfill Management

Hydrogeology and Water Quality Management
Numerous environmental and water quality investigations have been completed to date which are largely two-dimensional in that the environmental and land-use factors are evaluated from...

Construction Costs of Water Supply and Sewage Networks in Poland 1961-1970
The paper presents the results of studies of the structure and changes in construction costs, as well as sales profitability, of water supply and sewage networks constructed from 1961-1970...

Hydrogeology of Florida's Largest Citrus Grove

Land Capability Classes as Hydrologic Response Units in Watersheds

Eliminating Waterlogging Caused by Canal Seepage
The phenomenon of waterlogging caused by canal seepage flow is described, using a covered interceptor, for the hydrogeological conditions of the Nile Valley (Egypt, U.A.R.). The problem...

Hydrogeologic Electric Analog Computer
Electric analog computers are versatile and simple equipment that allow ground-water development schemes to be rapidly and accurately tested and allow the relative merits of alternate...

Hydrogeologic Nature of Streamflow on Small Watersheds
Importance of watershed area in depth-area-duration-frequency relationships on streamflow from small watersheds; size of area was found to be index of geologic and geomorphologic properties...





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