Hydrogeology Comes to the Surface
Before concluding whether groundwater is safe or contaminated, engineers must understand the science of hydrogeology. If they don't understand hydrogeology, unnecessary and...

Ground-Water Monitoring—A Water Resources Management Tool for Wellhead Protection

Special Design Considerations

The Remedial Action Plan for the Fox River, Wisconsin
The nature of and need for Remedial Action Plans (RAP) in 42 areas of the Great Lakes is reviewed with special attention given to the Fox River and Lower Green Bay area. A brief historical,...

Hydrogeology of a Barrier Island System, Nags Head, North Carolina
The purpose of this research was to understand the dynamics of the water table prior to the start of municipal pumping and to predict the effect that the pumping would have upon the water...

The Disaster of Stava/Northern Italy

Hydrogeologic Investigations at a Superfund Site in Wisconsin
An estimated 10,000 drums of volatile organic wastes from a nearby manufacturing plant were dumped at a landfill site in southern Wisconsin. Chemicals released from these drums have contaminated...

Hydrogeologic Investigation of the Chillicothe, Ohio Landfill
A hydrogeologic investigation of a municipal waste landfill determined that the local surface and ground water are being polluted. Water quality monitoring and aerial photography were...

Hazardous Waste Investigations in Residential Areas

The National Ground Water Information Center Data Base
The Research Institute, Education Foundation and Publishing Company of the National Water Well Association have long been considered information central for the world's community...

Hydrogeologic Controls on Leachate Migration
The Brown Station Road Landfill is a municipal solid waste disposal site operated by Prince George's County, Maryland. The work described herein was conducted as part of a...

Evaluation of a Contaminated Aquifier's Restoration Potential

Predicting Ground-Water Drainage to Surface Mines
A two-dimensional, finite-difference numerical model is used to simulate the drainage of ground water into a surface coal mine. Graphs of dimensionless head as a function of dimensionless...

Hydrogeologic Input on Generating Synthetic Flows

Hydrogeologic Models for Siting of Waste Facilities

Groundwater Contamination from Agricultural Chemicals: North Fork, Suffolk County

Hazardous Waste Landfill: Some Lessons from New Jersey
There are four key elements in a secure, hazardous waste landfill: a bottom liner; a leachate collection system; a cover; and the natural hydrogeologic setting. Each of these elements...

Contaminant Migration at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado

Hydrogeological Assessment and Grouting at Selby

Hydrogeology in Land Application of Wastewater





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