Hydrogeology and Irrigated Agriculture
A review of drainage problems and groundwater processes on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV), California, provides useful perspectives on hydrogeology and irrigated agriculture....

Case Studies of Uncertainty Analysis and Explosives Cleanup

Application of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Models for Groundwater Remedial Design

Development of Background Ground Water Values: NCBC Davisville

Application of GIS in a Hazardous Remedial Action System

Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Conditions and of Remedial Alternatives at Kodak Park, Rochester, New York

Dynamic-Stochastic Model of River Basins

A Conceptual Model Approach to Modeling Groundwater with GMS

Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam: Parameter Identification by the Bayesian Method

A Debris Flow Triggered by a Soil Slip on Elba Island, Italy

Quality Control for Monitoring Programs for Hydrogeologic Projects

Simulation of Regional Ground-Water Flow on a Transboundary Flowline; Trans-Pecos, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico
A two-dimensional, steady-state, cross-sectional model was used to evaluate boundary conditions, residence times, and potential transboundary movement along a 28 mi (45 km) flowline between...

Isotopic Systematics of Saline Waters at Äspö and Laxemar, Sweden

Localized Alteration of the Paintbrush Nonwelded Hydrologic Unit within the Exploratory Studies Facility

Ensuring Consistency of Groundwater Modeling Results with Indirect Evidence

Nine-Component Vertical Seismic Profiling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Model Uncertainty for the Advection-Dispersion Equation

Ground Water Variability at Sanitary Landfills—Causes and Solutions

Site Characterisation of a Complex DNAPL Site—An Australian Experience

The Application of Time Domain Electromagnetics to a Regional Groundwater Investigation in Western Washington





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