Bioremediation of PCP and Creosote Contaminated Soil Using White-Rot Fungus Phanerochaete sordida

Remediation of a Sandy Loam Contaminated with Mixed Pollutants

Treatability of Subsurface-Derived Fluids from a Former Manufactured Gas Plant

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport in a Fractured Clayey Till

Passive Volatilization of Gasoline from a Wet Silt-Loam

Management of High-Rate Trickle Bed Biofilters

Biofiltration at the Silvex Hazardous Waste Site

Distribution of Hydrocarbons in Fractured Clay Soils

Site Remediation Using Biological Processes

Microbial Biofilm Communities in Biological Activated Carbon Fluidized Bed Reactors for Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated with Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Bioaugmentation of Hydrocarbon-Impacted Sands

Groundwater Quality Evaluation at Barrancabermeja's Industrial Complex in Colombia

A Finite Difference Approach for Mathematical Simulation of Soil Vapor Extraction from Unsaturated Zone

Subsurface Characterization of Hydrocarbon Plumes

CDR - A Chemical Solution to a Mechanical Problem

A Natural Cleanup
For almost 30 years, nonvolatile petroleum hydrocarbons from used motor oil, diesel, gasoline and other automotive fluids had been released to an oil sum at a truck-maintenance facility...

Predicting Pollution
For urban areas struggling to meet the requirements of the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as state air-quality mandates, accurate forecasting of mobile emissions is critical to evaluating...

Status of Contamination in the Coastal United States as Revealed from NS&T Analyses of Surface Sediments
Sediment samples have been collected from more than 300 sites along the coasts of the U.S. since 1984 as part of NOAA's National Status and Trends (NS&T) Program. These samples...

Contaminant Trends in the Southern California Bight: The Coast is Cleaner
Data from local, regional and federal coastal monitoring programs were used to assess long-term trends and spatial extent of chemical contamination in sediments, shellfish, and fish of...

Biodegradation Studies of Saudi ARabian Crude Oil
A bench-scale aerobic microbial degradation study of soil contaminated with Saudi Arabian crude oil was conducted. The effects of nutrient additions and seeding with naturally-occurring...





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