Simulation of Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons in Soil Columns

Lab and Technical Scale Experiments for NAPL Removal by Steam Injection into Porous Media

Combined Use of Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging in the Remediation of a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Site

Two-Dimensional Ethanol Floods of Toluene in Homogeneous, Unconfined Aquifer Media

Combining In Situ Technologies in Low-Permeability Soil, A Case Study

BTEX Biodegradation in Fractured Shale

Biopulsing: An In Situ Aeration Remediation Strategy

Ultimate Transverse Strength and Reliability Analysis of Offshore Production Ships

Interference by Natural Organics in Diesel Analyses

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal via Volatilization and Biodegradation at McGrath, Alaska

A Pilot-Scale Study of In Situ Hydrocarbon Remediation of Contamination in Soil and Groundwater at Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Innovative Bioventing System Construction/Operation in Cold Regions

LNAPL Detection, Measurement, and Distribution in the Subsurface Environment

Laser Induced Fluorescence and Cone Penetrometer Testing for Delineation of Hydrocarbons

A Field Test of NAPL Removal by High Molecular Weight Alcohol Injection

Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

Surfactant Enhanced Gravity Drainage (SEGD) of Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids: A New Concept in the In-situ DNAPL Remediation

Rates of Release of PAHs from DNAPL Mixtures

Influence of Sorption Mechanisms on the Bioavailability of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil

Multicomponent NAPL Composition Dynamics and Risk





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