Containment of a Natural Hydrocarbon Seep in Santa Barbara Channel

Hydrocarbon Facility Siting in Northern Canada

Groundwater Contamination with Creosote Wastes

Groundwater Contamination by Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Causes and Prevention
Groundwater contamination by chlorinated hydrocarbons is becoming a major problem to public water suppliers and private homeowners who have their own wells. The chemical background, composition...

The Impact of Hydrocarbon Emission Controls on Marine Design

Slow Trend for Asphalt with H2O
Cutback asphalt, made fluid by heating and by adding petroleum solvents, is becoming less popular because of the energy crisis and air pollution control standards. Replacing cutbacks are...

Transportation Air Quality Planning — The Twin Cities Approach

Trip-Based Analysis of Auto Emissions

Alcohol Fuel Impacts Upon Energy Conservation and Air Quality

Laboratory Studies of Gas Tracers for Reaeration
Laboratory studies were conducted to determine the rates at which ethylene and propane desorbed from a water bath relative to the rate at which oxygen was absorbed by the same water. The...

Pipeline Design for Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids
This report, Pipeline Design for Hydrocarbon Gases and Liquids, deals with commonly used equations in the design of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon...

Distribution of Pesticides in California
A study of pesticide concentrations in waters, sediments and aquatic organisms provided information on chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides and thiophosphate pesticides. Results indicate...





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