Experimental and Model Study of Soil-Venting

Solubilization of PAH Compounds in Surfactant Solutions

Microbial Oxidation of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds in Soil-Water Systems

Biotransformations Under Denitrifying Conditions

Detoxification of Hazardous Substances Via In-vessel Composting

Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Water Column of Prince William Sound, Alaska

Fate and Effects of PAH Leaching from Creosote-Treated Marine Pilings

Contaminant Concentrations in Bivalve Molluscs from the U.S. Coastal Atlantic and Pacific

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Deepwater (>200 Meters) Gulf of Mexico

Effect of Concentration on the Biological Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Associated with In Situ Soil-Water Treatment
Sandy soil samples contaminated with weathered JP-5 jet fuel were mixed with uncontaminated sand to provide a concentration gradient from 187 to 1565 mg total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)/Kg...

Biological Treatment of PAHs in Soil Residues in Simulated Land Treatment Systems
The lower molecular weight compounds (2 and 3 ring PAHs) are readily degraded by microorganisms. The heavier molecular weight PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) compounds (4, 5 and...

Biological Methods Petroleum Hydrocarbons Cleanup
Cleanup of the ground water and soils from hydrocarbon spills has mainly focused on air stripping and activated carbon for ground-water treatment, and vapor extraction and excavation followed...

Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures
Field measurements of gas transfer at hydraulic structures are notoriously difficult and imprecise. A technique which measures the transfer of hydrocarbon tracer gases has been tested...

Synthetic Organic Contaminants and Pesticides in Groundwater
For decades, the groundwater of Suffolk County, New York, has been bacteriologically and chemically of superior quality despite the high iron and manganese occasionally encountered in...

Biological Treatment of Trichloroethylene
Trichloroethylene and related compounds such as cis- and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene and vinyl chloride are common contaminants of ground water in industrial areas. In oxygenated ground...

The Bering Sea Maritime Delimitation Dispute
A treaty forged in friendship is now the subject of dispute between two rival superpowers. The 1867 Convention Treaty in which Russia ceded Northwestern America to the United States for...

Hydrocarbon Refining Waste Stabilization for Landfills
Mobile pollutants are generated in a landfill as a function of the waste properties and the response of the deposit to the in-situ stress, climate and biochemical conditions. Release of...

Efficiency of Capping Contaminated Dredged Material
The ability of capping with sand to chemically and biologically isolate contaminated dredged material was investigated using large scale (250 l) laboratory reactor units. Tissue analyses...

Pipeline Construction in Arctic & Sub Arctic Regions

OCS, Frontier Basins, California





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